I juggle with time. I’m a father, husband, freelancer, book and film enthousiast and last but not least, runner. Life definitely happens. There’s not enough time, or, better, if I want to do it all, I need to be efficient with what when. I need to be both effective and efficient. 

Side step

Efficient is not the same as effective by the way. Example: When you go into an elevator you have two choices:

  1. Press the floor you want to go to and then press “close the doors”.
  2. Press “close the doors” and then push the button for the correct floor

They are both effective, but option 2 is more efficient.

One way to be more efficient is to delegate tasks. Although I love the science behind training plans, the puzzles and figuring out the right training from day to day, week to week and month to month, it takes up too much time. And I’m not an expert, so it takes up even more time to figure everything out. 

If you are someone who just wants to run 3 times a week and maybe finish a marathon once in your life, delegate your training to an online training plan. Stick with the plan and you’ll finish the marathon, no worries.

If you are a pro-athlete, you have probably delegated way more than just your training plan. You probably have a whole team of people that will help you out day by day and with everything going on. Dietician, physical therapist, coach, trainer, massage therapist etc, and so on. Or at least have very easy access to them.

Personal Coach

If you are more like me, aspiring to run ultra’s (requiring a lot of training etc.) but not a pro athlete, you don’t have all the time in the world. Delegating your training to just a static online training plan, won’t help either. Delegate this to a personal coach! He or she doesn’t have to be close by the way, online is fine, but it needs to be personal and tailored to your personal life. That means at least a weekly update although I prefer the daily adjustments if needed. And I love the conversations and the understanding both physically and mentally with what you are doing. The rest of the world thinks I’m crazy anyway. 

It will cost money. I know. But the payback is huge! The time I’ve spend on my own training, figuring it out, the mistakes I’ve made and all those kinds of things have cost me way more money and time. There’s definitely a return on investment, both in money and in time spend on feet.

Run a few miles more on your shoes. Don’t buy that new shirt, the old one is just fine. Do you really need that new race vest? Get a coach!