Not so boring after all

Sometimes training can feel like ground hog day. Just another run around the same course you ran a gazillion times before. These days it can be especially hard. With the different types of corona lockdowns we have around the world, ground hog day is a common feeling. 

Today I ran the same course I did many times before.

It’s a small 3k path (with a 1.5K detour in the middle) designed for horses from the riding school nearby. It’s nothing much. It’s on sand (so at least I’m not running on the pavement). It has a total elevation of 1 meter or something. To be frank, it’s boring as hell!

Not today though…

Today I briefly had the experience of trail-running on that boring as hell round. It has been raining a bit after 6 weeks of drought. The gras and weeds and stinging nettles have exploded to life. The sand was a bit wet, the grass and weeds wore soaked. The horse path became a single track. I couldn’t see where my feet landed, so I needed to adjust constantly. My feet were wet after 1k. 

In short I HAD A BLAST!