Rookie mistake

Facepalm, rookie mistake 1
Tuileries Garden, Paris near Louvre

I’ve been running in the mornings lately, but due to work/family related stuff needed to do my long run (30K) in the evening last Friday.

I started running around 18:15 and felt bloated from the first steps onward, bit nauseous even. It’s not my first rodeo and normally these bloated, nauseous feelings subside in half an hour to an hour or something.

Not this time…

The run was a struggle from beginning to end. My intestines cramped continuously. I needed to stop several times to let one go, couldn’t even do that running. After 20K i was a couple of hundred metres from my house, but still decided to finish the run (28.5K) but afterwards part I wish I hadn’t.

When I got home after almost 3 hours of running, the cramps cleared pretty fast, but I was beat. I had a bad night sleep and I didn’t recover during that night. Saturday I was still feeling bad and tired.

Fortunately my run on Sunday was fine again.

Looking back I probably ate way too much during the day on Friday. I had a warm meal during lunch and I fuelled up 2 hours before the run with a teff shake. I usually do that in the morning before a long run. My gut was probably still full when I started running. I’m not sure why I thought that was a good idea. Afterwards I definitely felt like a rookie!

Fortunately, every mistake during training (and during a race) is an opportunity to learn!