Weird wake ups

Getting up every morning at 6 AM is ok. I’m getting used to it. The first 20 seconds are a bit weird though.

6:00:00 My iPhone goes off. It’s the alarm to get up. 6:00:02 I wake up. I put on my glasses and pick up my phone at realize I need to get up. I’m awake immediately as I want to shut up the alarm as soon as I can. My wife is still asleep and I don’t want to wake her up fully so she can fall back to sleep fast again.

6:00:07 My iPhone is off and I get up. For five seconds I was wide awake, making sure everything is quite again. Now I’m sleepy again. I’m not awake and I need to make sure I keep on moving, so it feels like I need to wake up a second time to get out of bed. I consciously force myself to get out of bed and get moving.

6:00:10 I’m out of bed. My feet, ankles and legs are still stiff and are rapidly trying to wake up, but I walk (in my undies) to the door and get out of the bedroom towards the stairs. My legs aren’t fully awake, so getting down the stairs is a thing I need to concentrate on. My thoughts go back and forth between: “Why am I doing this?” and “Yes, I can run again!” It’s so easy to go back to bed and sleep another hour or so. On the other hand I know I want and need to run, although it’s still dark outside, it’s not that warm and it’s early. Walking down the stairs feels like a semi-conscious twilight zone.

6:00:20 I’m down the stairs and my legs are finally less stiff and awake. I get into the living room and the kitchen. I drink about 0.5 litres of water to re-hydrate after 6 or 7 hours of sleep.

I’m awake.